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Mammoth S500 Zero Gap Multi-Bench- In Stock

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Mammoth S500 Zero Gap Multi-Bench as the most EXCLUSIVE and RAREST bench on offer at CostFit and in the market today!

Defining versatility, this Big Body Benz of a bench is not only a commercial grade adjustable bench, but it is also a preacher curl bench, sit-up bench, and a leg extension machine ALL IN ONE! With more than 50 combinations of seat and back-rest features to choose from, the S500 Multi-Bench offers unmatched versatility, craftsmanship, and value which makes it one of the most exciting products we have on offer. If you are looking for a bench that will 

make your garage gym buddies a little jealous and offer you unmatched versatility and quality for the years to come then this machine is the one for you! 


All attachments displayed in the photos are included when purchasing this item*


Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1840*490*305mm
Product Weight Without attachments/With attachments: 50kg/65kg
Flat, Incline, Decline Feature: Yes
Frame Material:  Powder Coated 3mm Steel
Rated Capacity:

1212lb (550kgs)



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