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Mammoth Olympic Bumper Plates (singles)- In Stock

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Our new range of coloured bumper plates have been designed for durability and to meet Olympic standards to ensure all athletes can enjoy any type of workout. They have been manufactured to last and have trimmed edges for a smooth finish. This is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym and will sustain athletes to perform rigorous workouts with them. 


  • Perfect for weight training and high-intensity workouts. 
  • Made from natural rubbers 
  • Suitable for gym, home workout, and commercial use.
  • Centre Diamater: 50.6mm
  • Diamater: 450mm
  • 25kg Width: 84mm
  • 20kg Width: 70mm
  • 15kg Width: 58mm
  • 10kg Width: 44mm
  • 5kg Width: 40mm

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