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The VS60 Heavy Duty FID Bench is a top-quality and comfortable bench that is highly functional, durable, and solid. This Adjustable Utility Weight FID Bench is sleek, comfortable, and eye-catching while also functional, durable, and sturdy. The VS60 Heavy Duty FID Bench can be used for a large variety of workouts, including with or without free weights, and is sure to be a reliable partner in the home strength routine.

Key Features:

  • 12 setting adjustable seat & back position, cover from -30 to 90 degree

  • 10mm thickness adjustment plate

  • 50 x 70mm width steel frame

  • Versatile bench allowing to Flat, Incline, and Decline features

  • Wheels for easy transport

  • Extra thick cushioning for comfort


Dimensions (mm) L*W*H: 1480*700*450
Product Weight: 38kg


Steel, Rubber

Steel Frame: 50 x 70mm
Max weight: 400kg

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