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Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plate (singles)- In Stock

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Bring back the old-school Arnie plates! As one of the main staples of old school gyms, the cast iron Olympic weight plate is one of the best value weight plates on the market and is the ultimate addition to your garage gym or retro studio! 


  • Perfect for weight training and high-intensity workouts. 
  • Made from natural rubbers 
  • Suitable for gym, home workout, and commercial use.
  • Plates have an Olympic-sized hole, suitable for 50mm Olympic barbell collars.


  • Standard cast iron plate widths. 2.5KG (15mm), 5KG (22mm), 10KG (34mm) 15KG (33mm), 20KG (33mm), 25kg (37.5mm).
  • Standard cast iron plate diameters. 2.5KG (210mm), 5KG (238mm), 10KG (272mm) 15KG (350mm), 20KG (442mm), 25kg (442mm).
  • Weight range: 2.5kg - 25KG.

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